Amazon Cuesoul
13-08-2018 02:22 am
Cuesoul 57 Inch Pool Cue 21 oz Billardqueues Billiard cue with Blue Carrying Cue Bag(C.QGZH.CSPC-G407)
Specification ---length: 57inch, weight:?21oz, Stainless?steel?joint?M/18,with?Irish?linen?wrap, 13mm?Layered?leather?tips?for?ultimat ball?control
Material---butt?made?of?imported?dried?hardwood, shaft?made?of?hand?selected?and?kiln?dried?North?American?maple?wood, Carbon?Fiber?Frerrule?
Designed with unique and good looking, 100% brand New and High Quality
Amazon KC Fire
Professionelle Tauchen Taschenlampe Blacklight, KC Fire Ultra Bright 4000 Lumen Unterwasser 100 Meter, 395 nm UV-UV-Licht, 4 Lights Black & Red-Only Flashlight
Special Convenience Flashlight: Utilizes 5W UV LEDs, 4000 lumen(Max output)with 4 lights and 6000 lumen with 6 lights, which emits a 395nm wavelength beam, make invisible to be visible, make impossible to be possible.
Waterproof: Premium anodized aircraft 6061 aluminum ensure the 100% waterproof up to 100 meters under water, high thickness tube body can prevent sea water corrosion. You can easily find amber and scorpions or other creatures underwater.
Multi-Funcatinal: Easily detect objects unseen by the naked eye. Such as searching for amber and minerals, revealing dried pet urine stains, odor of other small animals on carpets clothes floor,scorpion hunting, detect fluorescence, money, ID cards,passports and so on.
Precise Design: The casing is made from aluminum alloy that has a black coating that is uniformly done which is extremely durable and indestructible.Stepless magnetic switch provides different brightness levels, from zero to full light. The light beam is adjustable by just sliding its magnetic control switch.But please loosen the battery cap when do not use the flashlight to avoid leaks power and drains the battery overnight.
What You Get: Professional Scuba Diving Lights Torch, welcome guaid and Wrist strap.
Professionelle Tauchen Taschenlampe Blacklight, KC Fire Ultra Bright 4000 Lumen
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