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21-11-2023 04:20 pm
Sparco Practice s0751738nrnr Turnschuh, schwarz, 38 EU
Turnschuh Sparco Practice Tg 38, schwarz
Widerstandsfähige Composite Zehenschutzkappe, a 200 kg
Durchstoßfeste Textilfaser-Einlegesohle
Fit type: allgemein
Sparco Schuhe
Mouth Tape for Sleeping, 120Pcs Mouth Tape, Snoring Plasters, Sleep Mouth Tape to Improve Night Sleep, Helps Against Snoring, Developing the Habit of Nasal Breathing.
Snoring solution---Studies show that mouth breathing leads to inhalation of bacteria, snoring, salivation, etc. In severe cases, it also affects sleep and appearance. nasal breathing leads to more efficient blood oxygen supply, a more even deep sleep, less snoring and overall quieter nights,our mouth tape It can effectively prevent mouth breathing and also leaves air outlet holes to provide you with a safe and comfortable sleep.
100% safe and hypoallergenic---Our anti-snoring devices are made of high-quality materials, such as odourless medical adhesive that does not irritate your skin, you can remove it easily and painlessly without residue sticking.Great snoring solution devices!
Improve Your Sleep Quality---Our mouth tape can help you practice nose breathing, which has helped many people and their partners breathe, sleep, snore and improve their quality of life! Enjoy consistent deep sleep, less snoring and an overall more restful night.
Easy to use, comfortable---Please make sure to clean the face before use and keep the lips dry to prevent skin oil from affecting the stickiness of the mouth band.Our sleeping mouth tape are the best gift for yourself, your partner, family and friends
Ergonomic design---The tape sleep with X-mouth tape is designed with good viscosity and does not fall off easily, which is as thin as nothing, and there will be no uncomfortable feeling after use, making your using experience better.
Mouth Tape for Sleeping, 120Pcs Mouth Tape, Snoring Plasters, Sleep Mouth Tape t
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